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Why do I need SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ?

If you are launching your new website or you have an existing website and you are looking to get lots of traffic and potential customers to your website then you will need to make sure that your site ranks for different keywords that are related to your business.

Research shows that the majority of users on Google, Bing & Yahoo for example will mainly choose the first 3 positions for the keyword that they are searching for. This basically means that a business that is located at page 2, 3 or even 4 will hardly get any traffic at all.

This is the main reason that 90% of people need a cheap SEO service such as I provide to start climbing the rankings on Google and start to get some business.

Which SEO Package is best suited for my business?

I offer a lot of different SEO packages to customers across the UK and also worldwide. Some of the different options for SEO that I provide are listed below:

Some of the basic options that I offer are:

1/2 Keywords - £50 per month

2 - 5 keywords - £100 per month

5 - 10 keywords - £200 per month


How you can offer Cheap SEO ?

The reason that I can be very competitive with my whole pricing structure in general is that I operate as a freelance web designer and SEO specialist. As I work from home I also make sure that I keep overheads to a minimum and therefore pass this saving on to my clients.

Unlike a lot of other SEO companies I do not sub contract any SEO work out and this is all done by myself, making sure that the quality of the content is always top notch.

I can also give you a lot of referrals for different companies that I have taken to the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo such as for plumbers, man and van companies, entertainment businesses, dating websites, hotels and travel agencies and many more..

Please CALL ME TODAY to get the ball rolling and to start getting your business noticed on the web and to get your online business making money!



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